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Learn How We Grew a SMMA to over $50,000 in Sales


Social Media Marketing Agency


Learn How We Grew a SMMA to Over $50,000 in Sales

About The Client:

This was a social media marketing agency that focused on empowering and educating businesses on how to implement social media marketing. Their target audience was focused on small and medium sized businesses that have not fully integrated social media marketing into their model. The client worked with us to build a targeted prospect list of small business owners and we built a LinkedIn funnel that focused on building trust and getting positive responses. When prospects replied, the client would be alerted to close by getting on a phone call. This campaign was very successful and we landed well over 200+ warm leads in the first month.

324% More ROI

We use results-driven marketing to ensure we get you the highest quality leads that will most likely close.

High Quality Leads

Our LinkedIn funnel filters and nurtures leads so that you have the absolute highest chance of closing them.

Over $50,000 In Revenue

Over a 3-month span, we helped them produce over $50,000 in sales using our LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.