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How We Helped Our Client Blow Up In The Consulting Industry


Business Consultant


How We Helped Our Client Blow Up In The Consulting Industry

About The Client:

Our client was a business consultant who worked with high-profile corporations and companies to scale their digital marketing and expand operations. Our client’s target audience were key decision makers such as top executives, directors, and owners. We worked with the client to build an outreach script that focused on relationship-building that provided value for both sides. After a period of A/B split testing to see what was the most effective approach, we started our official lead generation campaign. This became extremely successful and the client was able to get on the phone with over 20+ leads in only her first week.

Laser-Focused Targeting

We narrow down your target audience and focus specifically on the key decision-makers who have a real need for your product.

World Class Marketing

We use exceptional social selling tactics and persuasive copywriting to build positive rapport with your leads.

Over $10,000 In Revenue

Over a one month span, we helped our client generate over $10,000 in revenue from their lead generation campaigns.