How to Craft a Powerful LinkedIn Professional Headline

by Jimmy October 27, 2020

Get Your Reader’s Attention

On LinkedIn, your headline is comprised of 120 characters that serve as your first impression to all prospects you come across. You want to make sure you have a powerful, attention-grabbing headline that really compels your prospects to visit your profile and want to learn more about you.

When forming your headline, you want to make it clever, flashy, and concise. Aside from that, you want to make sure your headline educates your prospect on what you do and how you can help them.

How To Make Your Headline Stand Out

The best way to make your profile really stand out is by using emotes and symbols in your headline. We strongly advise using only one or two different symbols maximum in your headline. Don’t be the person who spams weird symbols on their profile – it looks very unprofessional and is a big turn-off.

In addition to making your profile look more visually appealing, it makes it much easier to digest and read. When you just write a lot of text without symbols, your prospects see a congested paragraph of text. We want to avoid this at all cost!

Here’s a good website on finding emotes and symbols to use: www.copyandpasteemoji.com

Optimizing Your Headline with Keywords

You want to make sure your headline is fully optimized with targeted keywords that your target audience likely searches on LinkedIn.

Why is optimizing your headline with keywords important?

Because your headline is extremely sensitive when it comes to LinkedIn search engine optimization. The words you use in your headline are factored into what keywords you rank for via LinkedIn search results. The more frequently your profile mentions website design, the higher you’ll rank for the search term website design.

Use this as an opportunity to find keywords that your target audience is likely to search for. Ask yourself – what are the keywords that your target audience types into LinkedIn search to find people like you?

Try adding those keywords as frequently throughout your profile as possible (while sounding natural of course). Focus especially your keywords on your headline.

Use a Benefit Statement Headline

A benefit statement explains exactly what value you provide your target audience and how you help them. Try implementing this type of statement into the rest of your headline.

A better way of thinking about this is asking yourself, “What benefit or value does someone receive from working with me?”

Most benefit statements start with an action verb such as…

For an Instagram marketing expert, you might have this benefit statement:

“Growing your Instagram with real, targeted followers that want to engage with your content”

Take Action

Try all these tips and let us know how they go! We’ve tried all of these strategies and have seen huge improvements in profile views, connection requests, and replied messages.

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